Each month, I will upload items from my home studio such as select artwork from past exhibits, individual ceramics, signed prints, 6ft vinyls and clothing. Each item will be available for purchase (lena) or exchange (dena). 

You can choose to pay for the item with money, or you can email me directly to exchange them for unused items which I will send off to local shelters. (DUE TO COVID-19 PROTOCOLS I WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING PHYSICAL DONATIONS AT THE MOMENT).

Every month, I will choose a new grassroots organization to support through this fund - so if you are an organizer or know one that can use our collective help, just send an email to and they will be added to the list.

This month's organization is:


"India is currently battling a dangerous second wave with close to 17 million confirmed cases, more than 2.8 million active cases and a death toll of 1,95,116 so far.

On April 22, 2021, India recorded the world's biggest surge in cases and 2,000+ deaths in a day.

This surge has led to overcrowded hospitals & a severe shortage of oxygen. Patients are dying and doctors are struggling to save them. We at Hemkunt Foundation are seeking funds for O2 Cylinders to help COVID patients across the country. The cylinders will be distributed to those in need by conducting drives and tying up with hospitals. People in need can also reach out to our social media handles or our helpline number and have the cylinders delivered to them by us."

For more info, click through to their website.